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Live from London! 28/05/2011

Hey again!

Since the last time we spoke I think I have covered just about every major area and even a few lesser known spots of London, and may I just say that it has been an absolute ball! I have barely been home, but to sleep of course because I’m tryna make the most of London before I must depart.

London is way more than what I was expecting in a great way of course. Everything from the street fashion to amazing  variety of cultures and everything that comes along with being a melting pot of city.

Since I know just about everyone knows the major monuments of London, I thought I would only upload a few of those pics. Then my next post will be on the London culture and street fashion that I am adoring.



This for those who may not know is the infamous London Bridge. I love how I went from just seeing it my snow globe for years to finally being able to capture the real thing.





This is the London Bridge Shopping Centre. I love the high arches and the beautiful architectural designs. And is it just me or do you notice the style of the people in the photos. I wish more men back home dressed like that.




Now you know I had to go to the Shakespeare Globe Theater! How can I aspire to be writer without going?!




Sorry about my mates being caught in the pic. There was almost nowhere to stand. Because like us, all of the other tourist were all tryna get a shot. Hahaha




The Tate Modern. I love going to museums and this was a definite must see. By the way, that street performer was amazing!




I actually really wanted to take this shot towards St. Paul’s Cathedral as well because this is in almost every movie I watch that takes place in London.




On my way to get a ride on the London Eye. 🙂




The amazing and moving Big Ben and the House of Parliament




The Buckingham Palace. Sorry, no sight of Kate or William or even the Queen anywhere. hehehe




The National Gallery! Which I was unfortunately not allowed to take photos of inside. :-/




The British Museum. Now I was able to take photos of the inside. I’m not exactly sure if you want to see it, so if anyone does, just leave a comment and I will upload them in the next post.

As for the next post. I will be uploading some of the London original street fashion as well as some of the amazing food that I have gotten a chance to eat and experience.

Till then,



It’s amazing, so amazing… 15/05/2011

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So I thought I would just post a few pics that I have taken on my phone since I have been in London. Unfortunately, I have yet to find an adapter that works for my laptop or my phone. This post was made possible by my awesome flatmate Ahmet for letting me use his iPhone charger. Still searching for an adapter so I can bring you a better post. But till then,

Dos Besos!




This was my inspiring view from the airport





This was a local pub outside of my friends window. Nothing says London like a classic pub. Cheers! 😉





This is the infamous Regent Street in Central London. A shopaholic’s dream( Mmmm, having a moment) 😀


Overseas 13/05/2011

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As you know I am currently in London and just like forgetful me, I have forgotten my adapter. There was supposed to be one waiting for me at my Aunts flat, but one of the guests seems to have misplaced it. Anyhow, I am currently at a public library just checking in to give you an update. As soon as I get an adapter, I will post pics of my daily missions thus far.
Hopefully I will be seeing you again soon,

Dos Besos!



London Calling 07/05/2011

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That’s right! I bought a ticket to London to stay with some of my lovely family. Traveling to Europe especially London has been a dream of mine. So it was a must on my Missions List. I told myself no matter what I had to do, or how much more hours I had to work, and even if I didn’t have a dime to spend while there that I was going to London before heading back to classes. Now my dream will take effect 10th of May!
And once again, you are more than welcome for this trip!

Dos Besos!


Just Came To Say Hello! 03/05/2011

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Hello indeed. I’m so very excited to be here as this is just one of my many missions and your more than welcome to be apart of it. Let me start by giving some insight as to what this blog will be about.

First of, I will be taking a few risks this year. Now to some people these risks may be minor, but from the perspective of a person alway living vicariously through books and others, this is a very BIG deal. Now I clearly have not just started doing this in the middle of the year, but have finally decided to cross off another risk by actually blogging it to the world. That’s where you and WordPress come in.

To catch you up a bit I have changed my major and decided to take a semester off of school. As well as I have finally gotten my passport and bought my first plane ticket to another country. I will be leaving to ‘said’ country the 10th of May and will divulge of that as well as my other missions in my next few blogs.

Feel free to comment and don’t be shy about your opinions.

Dos Besos,