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Just Came To Say Hello! 03/05/2011

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Hello indeed. I’m so very excited to be here as this is just one of my many missions and your more than welcome to be apart of it. Let me start by giving some insight as to what this blog will be about.

First of, I will be taking a few risks this year. Now to some people these risks may be minor, but from the perspective of a person alway living vicariously through books and others, this is a very BIG deal. Now I clearly have not just started doing this in the middle of the year, but have finally decided to cross off another risk by actually blogging it to the world. That’s where you and WordPress come in.

To catch you up a bit I have changed my major and decided to take a semester off of school. As well as I have finally gotten my passport and bought my first plane ticket to another country. I will be leaving to ‘said’ country the 10th of May and will divulge of that as well as my other missions in my next few blogs.

Feel free to comment and don’t be shy about your opinions.

Dos Besos,



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