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Inspire Me Watson! 30/06/2011

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After trying to drag my butt out of bed for an hour this morning to run,  I realized I needed a serious pick me.  You see I have that problem where it takes the move of God just to get me to the gym, but once I am actually there you can not seem to get me out of it. So I just rolled over and started browsing my Glamour UK App, and low and behold whom one of the articles was about… None other than one of my favourite celebrities, Emma Watson.

I absolutely adore this girl and love the how much her style has evolved. I thought she was an okay actress and never really paid much attention to her style until she did the Big Chop, but now I am a definite admirer. I’m a sucker for someone who goes against the gradient and makes fashion their own.  Clearly, you must have some serious confidence to pull off half the clothes she wears, not just in her photo shoots, but in her daily life as well. And that is truly something to aspire.

She carries herself so well and might I say she has an amazing body. Those legs go on for days in this picture and I eventually want the same for myself. I do not normally care for big celebrities because I never really see them as being genuine, but something about her seems real.  That too, and you can’t help but admire her fashion sense.


This girl has an amazing work ethic that I wish to will gain one day. She works hard at what she does and does not seem to compromise for anything. After her contract with the Harry Potter movie franchise was up, she was free to being who she really wanted to be. And because of it she is being taken more seriously in Hollywood and in fashion. That work ethic also affects her health. She may be naturally slim and seem like she does not need to workout, but even she knows that health is fleeting and something that you must keep up on. 

I’m a very curvy girl and have quite a large derrière.  I know that even at my healthiest I will probably always have these prominent child-bearing hips like Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez. Something I have excepted and am actually happy with now, but I want to be able to stride like Emma.  With just a Sports Bra and my running tights on. You see I still wear big shirts or hoodies to run, even in Florida’s scorching 90 degree summer.  So though I have slimmed down a bit. The confidence level has not seem to gone up with it. Maybe…

Maybe if I had  some fit girls or at least find a group of chicas who are actually into working out like I am, then I would be able to get serious about my fitness. So I am in dire need of a serious workout buddy or at least someone who will help motivate me to workout on those days that I just feel like staying home and writing. Even if all the person does is call me to get up every morning. That only can do wonders for my motivation. You see, I am a competitive person and hate letting people down. So when someone is counting on me to do something, even something little, I do not like to disappoint them in the least.

Well, while I am in search for that, might as well go think about it on the treadmill. Now with my new mindset and (hopefully) improving work ethic,  I’m off to conquering those next 8 miles today and then who knows, the world??? hahaha

Stay Inspired,



Reinvention… 29/06/2011

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These past few days have been very thought-provoking for me.  My computer decided to scare the living crap out of me by just going blank, I nearly missed a deadline, and I’m still not happy with where I am health and appearance wise. That’s when I got to looking at my collage on the wall that I made my freshman year of college. It used to be such an inspiration to me. Now it is in serious need of and update. Because as time goes on we change. I still watch Grey’s Anatomy, but no longer have the desire to work in a hospital.My style icons have changed, and I finally answered London’s call. A few things will still be the same, like NYU, Dancing, Books, Food, but there are definitely some changes to be made.


 Have you ever been in a point in your life when you just needed change. It was as if everywhere around you people and things were changing, but the whole while, you were still the same. It’s like the lyrics from one of my favourite songs by Keane, ” Everybody’schanging and I just feel the same.” Except I do not want to just feel the same. I want change. I need change. I get restless way too easy and hate anything stagnant.

So in case you could not guess, this blog  is apart of my change. This in itself is one of my missions. Blogging is something that I have always wanted to do, but never really had the balls for it. The new approach that I have to life wont allow it because I am scared anymore. And might I just say that it has been one of the best wake up calls for me. It has definitely helped put some of my priorities in order. By the time I move to New York. I probably will not ever recognise myself. In a good way of course. 🙂



Well I will be updating the collage and I will let you know how that turns out.  As well as letting you know what the next mission will be. I’m thinking maybe a quick trip to NY because I have not been there in a little over a year and miss it so much. I mean look at all the people! You can practically feel the energy radiating off of the picture. But that’s for another time.  Now off to work.

Stay driven,



Tastey Travels… 26/06/2011

I love food!! Not like that sneaking away and gorging on an unhealthy amount of food, but the savoring and always looking forward to trying something new type of love. I am not some great foodie, but definitely consider myself a true lover of it. So on a recent outing, mates and I went to our favourite Thai food restaurant called Sala Thai. Now it is not the most fanciest of places, but what it lacks in that it makes up for in ambiance and

That’s when I got to thinking. Why not share with you some of the food that I have tried? I really believe people should go out of their norm and try things that they never have before. And since food is the least riskiest of things to do, why not?? On the plus side it also opens your eyes up to new experiences and cultures. Which could lead to all sorts of possibilities. You gotta love possibilities! 🙂

So here are just a few that I have experienced within the past month. Some including when I was in London, which has some of the most eclectic and amazing markets that I have come across in a while. The variety of food is enough to make your head spin. I felt like I was on the travel channel with Anthony Bourdain or Samantha Brown. Except without the film crew and with no real direction of where I was going. Now don’t get  me wrong, I did have a map and know the basics of each of my destinations, but I prefer to just wander sometimes. You get a chance to discover new things that way. But keep in mind that SAFETY is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE!! Especially traveling around alone( and being a female).




Thai Rice



More Thai Rice



Mango Sticky Rice



Fried vegetable Egg Roll



Cooked Sushi in Sunday Up Market



More Sushi



I can not help but, be filled with excitement when I am around such an amazing variety of food.



Amazing Belgium Pastries.  Boy do they have a contagious sweet tooth! 😉



More Belgium Pastries from Spitalfields




The smell that came from all of these booths were absolutely intoxicating. It was as if they were carrying me away to the native countries in which they were wonderfully created. And I was so fortunate to be able to get a taste of their country. I am not quite sure if that makes any sense, but it’s all can imagine.



That was mini mental holiday for the week. Hope you enjoyed. And no worries, I am always in search of new places to eat so there will definitely be another amateur foodie adventure.
Till then,

Kayz 🙂


Run .. 23/06/2011

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Got up early this morning with the intent to run and just could not seem to make myself. I have been running pretty consistently, but since this challenge I’ve had to turn into my own motivational speaker just to get to the gym. Now I find this really odd seeing as how I used to get up earlier this year when it was cold and foggy out and run through the woods with no problem.



So I think I need a new strategy, because I will finish this cardio challenge even if I have to run all 100 miles in a day without stopping! (Sorry about that. That’s just my competitive alter ego) Anyhow, I do not have a problem getting up early in the morning. It’s just that I get bored easily and have a lack of consistency with certain things. Which is why I started running in the first place, to learn consistency! So maybe this mission is a little more personal than I thought.

Well even I do not get to run the entire 130 miles by 1st of July I still want to know that I gave it my best everyday. Its kind of hard to be disappointed in yourself if you’ve at least tried your best. It’s only when you know you could have done better that leaves you disappointed. So I promise to try! Actually put my best efforts forward and TRY!!

Clearly I will be needing another mental break soon. haha 😀

Keep Calm & Carry On,




Back with Uncle Sam 21/06/2011

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Since coming back from London, I have been working everyday with only two days off. I have also been running everyday because of a cardio challenge at work and thus, I have been way too tired to update the blog. We all know how life can just get in the way of living, well that’s precisely what happened to me. I needed to build back up my savings and had some bills to pay. Now that most of that is back under control, I can return the blogging world.

Now on to the business of this cardio challenge. I was so caught up in just traveling around London that I completely forgot that it started while I was over there. Now I have to run about 120 miles in 11 days. Now if you do the math, that’s about 11 miles a day. Unfortunately, I am a beginner runner and I can not just do 11 miles straight. Now I will be breaking it up to two parts for each day till the 1st of July. I will run half in the morning and half in the evening after work.

This may seem like a lot of work and stress and your body if you’re not used to it, but I am a very competitive person. Also I come from a family of athletes and am quite surprised at what my body is capable of when I just try. Now I am not the fittest girl out there, but I am working on becoming as fit as an athlete. That’s something I’ve always wanted and it’s part of my idea of the best me that I am working on becoming. I will keep you updated and let you know how it goes. 😉

Wish me luck on my Running Mission,


Happy Belle Pepper!

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So what’s the best way to get out of a funk?
Cooking with your mates of course! At least that was a great cheer up for me. So I got together with some of the mates and we made stuffed bell peppers and had a lovely bottle of wine.

Cooking is one of my stress relievers and I needed to get out of a funk a.s.a.p.

Needless to say it came out amazingly and is a pretty healthy meal so you don’t have to feel guilty about eating it.

Now I apologise if my plating may not be up to par as some, but this was just a meal of enjoyment and boy was it enjoyable! Now as for the wine, I definitely found a new favourite and need to have a bottle stored away in the cupboard for another day like that.

Next time you may be in a rut, I would highly recommend being around a few of your really good friends. Those who know you well would know when something is wrong. And a true good friend always puts a smile on your face. 🙂

Well Cheers for now,