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Run .. 23/06/2011

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Got up early this morning with the intent to run and just could not seem to make myself. I have been running pretty consistently, but since this challenge I’ve had to turn into my own motivational speaker just to get to the gym. Now I find this really odd seeing as how I used to get up earlier this year when it was cold and foggy out and run through the woods with no problem.



So I think I need a new strategy, because I will finish this cardio challenge even if I have to run all 100 miles in a day without stopping! (Sorry about that. That’s just my competitive alter ego) Anyhow, I do not have a problem getting up early in the morning. It’s just that I get bored easily and have a lack of consistency with certain things. Which is why I started running in the first place, to learn consistency! So maybe this mission is a little more personal than I thought.

Well even I do not get to run the entire 130 miles by 1st of July I still want to know that I gave it my best everyday. Its kind of hard to be disappointed in yourself if you’ve at least tried your best. It’s only when you know you could have done better that leaves you disappointed. So I promise to try! Actually put my best efforts forward and TRY!!

Clearly I will be needing another mental break soon. haha 😀

Keep Calm & Carry On,




2 Responses to “Run ..”

  1. GD Says:

    Always hard for me to make myself run, that’s for sure. Best of luck to you!

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