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Inspire Me Watson! 30/06/2011

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After trying to drag my butt out of bed for an hour this morning to run,  I realized I needed a serious pick me.  You see I have that problem where it takes the move of God just to get me to the gym, but once I am actually there you can not seem to get me out of it. So I just rolled over and started browsing my Glamour UK App, and low and behold whom one of the articles was about… None other than one of my favourite celebrities, Emma Watson.

I absolutely adore this girl and love the how much her style has evolved. I thought she was an okay actress and never really paid much attention to her style until she did the Big Chop, but now I am a definite admirer. I’m a sucker for someone who goes against the gradient and makes fashion their own.  Clearly, you must have some serious confidence to pull off half the clothes she wears, not just in her photo shoots, but in her daily life as well. And that is truly something to aspire.

She carries herself so well and might I say she has an amazing body. Those legs go on for days in this picture and I eventually want the same for myself. I do not normally care for big celebrities because I never really see them as being genuine, but something about her seems real.  That too, and you can’t help but admire her fashion sense.


This girl has an amazing work ethic that I wish to will gain one day. She works hard at what she does and does not seem to compromise for anything. After her contract with the Harry Potter movie franchise was up, she was free to being who she really wanted to be. And because of it she is being taken more seriously in Hollywood and in fashion. That work ethic also affects her health. She may be naturally slim and seem like she does not need to workout, but even she knows that health is fleeting and something that you must keep up on. 

I’m a very curvy girl and have quite a large derrière.  I know that even at my healthiest I will probably always have these prominent child-bearing hips like Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez. Something I have excepted and am actually happy with now, but I want to be able to stride like Emma.  With just a Sports Bra and my running tights on. You see I still wear big shirts or hoodies to run, even in Florida’s scorching 90 degree summer.  So though I have slimmed down a bit. The confidence level has not seem to gone up with it. Maybe…

Maybe if I had  some fit girls or at least find a group of chicas who are actually into working out like I am, then I would be able to get serious about my fitness. So I am in dire need of a serious workout buddy or at least someone who will help motivate me to workout on those days that I just feel like staying home and writing. Even if all the person does is call me to get up every morning. That only can do wonders for my motivation. You see, I am a competitive person and hate letting people down. So when someone is counting on me to do something, even something little, I do not like to disappoint them in the least.

Well, while I am in search for that, might as well go think about it on the treadmill. Now with my new mindset and (hopefully) improving work ethic,  I’m off to conquering those next 8 miles today and then who knows, the world??? hahaha

Stay Inspired,



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