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Enviroment of Fashion Influences 11/07/2011

While putting together the lasts bits of my inspiration collage I could not help but think about London. All of the amazing street style that I saw. And I realized how much the actual environment itself has a lot to do with the way we dress and our style. My style is extremely eclectic because I live in Florida, but spend at least 3 Months ever year in New York, born in Jamaica, and am in love with the European sense of style. I think that pretty much sum up my style influences as for as my enviroment go. Being an Island Baby has given me my love for colors and flow outfits. New York and London has blessed me with a fearless attitude when it comes to wearing thins you normally don’t see everyone else in.



I took a few lovely snap shots of London Outdoor Markets that I visited on a daily basis while I was there. I went to a few of the big name stores and high street, but I wanted to find things that I could not get back home. So wear else to look than London’s Famous Markets.  And I must say that selection of things that you can get there are amazing and like no other. I can see why London definitely says the bar as far as outdoor markets go.

In famous Portobello Market and its lovely array fo style

Just trying to show you and overview of how packed it is on a Saturday

believe it or not, but this does not even show just half of how long the street is and all of its eclectic shops ans stalls. I truly can not wait to go back next summer for Festivals and more shopping. 🙂


I can see why Londoners are so crazy about vintage wear, when such great quality timeless pieces are so easily accessible, why wouldn’t you want to.


 More views of inside the Canopy area at Portobello Market in London


Another side of Portobello Market. I think by now it is pretty clear to see that I had a serious love affair with this place while in London.


This was while I was at Brick Lane Market. I would consider this one the more Indie/Rocker ones of the all the Markets in London. And if you remember from the last post, this was also the one that had some of the most diverse food. Yumm!


Brick Lane had this very interesting and strange place call the Tea Room. I was not quite sure what to expect when I got in there, but it was awesome. Imagine a huge and ecltic antique shop.


The lovely fashionable masses at Brick Lane listening to some live music, while getting their make up done, and hair cut all in this very convenient area. By the look of this pick you can kinda see what I mean with how your environment influences what you wear. Almost every one is in the same color scheme, with some sort of leather on, scarf, and some sort of cross body bag.


Inside Brick Lane Market.


While at Brick Lane I met an artistic girl who designed all of these Awesome shoes by hand. This was just one of the amazing handmade things that you can find only at  the Markets that you just can’t get anywhere else. I am a huge supporters of artist and people following their own paths so I had to get a pair.


These are my new babies that I had to have!


This is like the unofficial entrance to Brick Lane. Once again, the people are wearing different clothes, but all have the same vibe.


Leather, grey, and denim every where I turn on the cobbled streets of  Covent Garden.


I love this photo because you have your Chelsea girl fashion on one hand, and on the other hand your kind of Laid Back Rocker like I saw all up and down in Liverpool.


My lovely European friends and I out and about on the streets of London.


Pubbing like a true Londoner with my Ladies. 😉

Well I just thought I would give you a taste of the London Street Style and Market scene to show you just how much your surroundings can affect the way you dress. Next time you’re getting ready in the mirror, ask yourself “would be wearing this if I were in a different city?”

Stay Influenced,



Tastey Travels… 26/06/2011

I love food!! Not like that sneaking away and gorging on an unhealthy amount of food, but the savoring and always looking forward to trying something new type of love. I am not some great foodie, but definitely consider myself a true lover of it. So on a recent outing, mates and I went to our favourite Thai food restaurant called Sala Thai. Now it is not the most fanciest of places, but what it lacks in that it makes up for in ambiance and

That’s when I got to thinking. Why not share with you some of the food that I have tried? I really believe people should go out of their norm and try things that they never have before. And since food is the least riskiest of things to do, why not?? On the plus side it also opens your eyes up to new experiences and cultures. Which could lead to all sorts of possibilities. You gotta love possibilities! 🙂

So here are just a few that I have experienced within the past month. Some including when I was in London, which has some of the most eclectic and amazing markets that I have come across in a while. The variety of food is enough to make your head spin. I felt like I was on the travel channel with Anthony Bourdain or Samantha Brown. Except without the film crew and with no real direction of where I was going. Now don’t get  me wrong, I did have a map and know the basics of each of my destinations, but I prefer to just wander sometimes. You get a chance to discover new things that way. But keep in mind that SAFETY is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE!! Especially traveling around alone( and being a female).




Thai Rice



More Thai Rice



Mango Sticky Rice



Fried vegetable Egg Roll



Cooked Sushi in Sunday Up Market



More Sushi



I can not help but, be filled with excitement when I am around such an amazing variety of food.



Amazing Belgium Pastries.  Boy do they have a contagious sweet tooth! 😉



More Belgium Pastries from Spitalfields




The smell that came from all of these booths were absolutely intoxicating. It was as if they were carrying me away to the native countries in which they were wonderfully created. And I was so fortunate to be able to get a taste of their country. I am not quite sure if that makes any sense, but it’s all can imagine.



That was mini mental holiday for the week. Hope you enjoyed. And no worries, I am always in search of new places to eat so there will definitely be another amateur foodie adventure.
Till then,

Kayz 🙂