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Family Mission 14/08/2011

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So I took a day out of my Mini Mission to let my little brothers be tourists in NY for the first time in a while. Every time they came to NY they were only driven by the major places by my family. I called it drive by sightseeing, and I hated it! How can you really experience someplace behind a glass?! In my opinion we have TV for that, but when you can actually just get out and take the whole city in you should. So that’s precisely what we did.


Going to Central Park

In Central Park

Test driving a Fiat at the Fiat Party in Time Square

Time Square taken with my Hipstimatic App

These are just a few shots that I took with my phone, since I am still without a computer till I get home on Tuesday. Sorry if the quality may not be the best.

Hope you enjoy,

Stay traveling!



New York Mini Mission 11/08/2011

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So by the time you read this I will already be on a plane heading to NY. I have been waiting to go back for almost a year now. I miss the city and my family so much!

While I am there I have decided to give myself a little mission. I have been searching for a new go everywhere bag. I like to call it The Best Friend Bag. I think just about every lady has one. You know that go to bag that you always grab, the bag that you just pick up in a haste without even looking, the bag that may be falling apart but you refuse to let it go. Yeah, well my dear friend has had a hell of a run, but it’s time is slowly coming to an end.

studs galore: a closer look at @teenvogue fashion editor @mksteinmiller’s amazing @MalandrinoBuzz bag! I also love all her little bracelets…

While on Tumblr the other day I saw this magnificent Malandrino Bag posted by Eva Chen and could not help but to drool. You see this is the type of bag that I have been hunting for. I love the edge that it has and the color makes it so versatile. It reminds me of a way more popular version of my BFB.

Anyhow, since I will be going back to my old stomping grounds I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to get a new Best Friend Bag. Since NY is home of the deals, steals, and knock offs this should be easy right?? Well, we’ll just have to see. I’m only there for 5 days and have a lot of ground to cover. I’ll keep you posted!

Stay searching,



How To Make It In America… 18/07/2011

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Great question, amazing show!
I fell in absolute love with this show last summer and have been awaiting its return since. Though I almost gave up hope on its return because of how much HBO has pushed back the release date, it is finally coming back this Fall. It’s about two friends trying to ‘Make It In America’, while living the hustler’s life in New York, no matter the odds. Neither of them come from privileged backgrounds, and must do a series of hustles just for ends meet, they continue in pursuit of eventually doing that one hustle that makes them big. Or at least successful and not just living dolla to dolla. :-p
So I thought it was only appropriate that I include this in my blog, seeing as how it has to do with the focus of my blog. Just trying to ‘Make It In America’ on my own terms, doing what I love. After all is that not what we all wish for. This show is exactly what I need to keep me on track with my missions.
While we’re on the subject of trying to make it, I have just started applying for writing jobs/internships. This is a huge step for me because I have always thought that I would be working in the Medical industry because that’s what I’ve been pushed to do, all the while ignoring my true passion for writing and creativity. So long story short, I have no actual professional experience in writing, but 6 years in the medical field, a license in nursing, and way more volunteering hours than the average 21yr old. Kind of like the main character, who is an amazing artist and designer, no matter what hustle he tries to do, the artist in him just keeps resurfacing.
It’s just crazy because no matter how impossible it seems to them, they always believe that they are gonna make it somehow. Like there is no way in hell, they were made for a life of normalcy. Quite frankly, I see where they are coming from. Have you ever had that feeling in you that there is something more for you out there. That this life that you are leading now, is only temporary. Yeah, well I have that feeling. And even if I don’t become a millionaire traveling the world, being paid to write my heart’s delight, I know that this is not the end for me.
So while I continue my hustle of trying to move to New York to become a writer, I hope you continue with your dreams as well.
Stay Making It,

Reinvention… 29/06/2011

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These past few days have been very thought-provoking for me.  My computer decided to scare the living crap out of me by just going blank, I nearly missed a deadline, and I’m still not happy with where I am health and appearance wise. That’s when I got to looking at my collage on the wall that I made my freshman year of college. It used to be such an inspiration to me. Now it is in serious need of and update. Because as time goes on we change. I still watch Grey’s Anatomy, but no longer have the desire to work in a hospital.My style icons have changed, and I finally answered London’s call. A few things will still be the same, like NYU, Dancing, Books, Food, but there are definitely some changes to be made.


 Have you ever been in a point in your life when you just needed change. It was as if everywhere around you people and things were changing, but the whole while, you were still the same. It’s like the lyrics from one of my favourite songs by Keane, ” Everybody’schanging and I just feel the same.” Except I do not want to just feel the same. I want change. I need change. I get restless way too easy and hate anything stagnant.

So in case you could not guess, this blog  is apart of my change. This in itself is one of my missions. Blogging is something that I have always wanted to do, but never really had the balls for it. The new approach that I have to life wont allow it because I am scared anymore. And might I just say that it has been one of the best wake up calls for me. It has definitely helped put some of my priorities in order. By the time I move to New York. I probably will not ever recognise myself. In a good way of course. 🙂



Well I will be updating the collage and I will let you know how that turns out.  As well as letting you know what the next mission will be. I’m thinking maybe a quick trip to NY because I have not been there in a little over a year and miss it so much. I mean look at all the people! You can practically feel the energy radiating off of the picture. But that’s for another time.  Now off to work.

Stay driven,



Live from London! 28/05/2011

Hey again!

Since the last time we spoke I think I have covered just about every major area and even a few lesser known spots of London, and may I just say that it has been an absolute ball! I have barely been home, but to sleep of course because I’m tryna make the most of London before I must depart.

London is way more than what I was expecting in a great way of course. Everything from the street fashion to amazing  variety of cultures and everything that comes along with being a melting pot of city.

Since I know just about everyone knows the major monuments of London, I thought I would only upload a few of those pics. Then my next post will be on the London culture and street fashion that I am adoring.



This for those who may not know is the infamous London Bridge. I love how I went from just seeing it my snow globe for years to finally being able to capture the real thing.





This is the London Bridge Shopping Centre. I love the high arches and the beautiful architectural designs. And is it just me or do you notice the style of the people in the photos. I wish more men back home dressed like that.




Now you know I had to go to the Shakespeare Globe Theater! How can I aspire to be writer without going?!




Sorry about my mates being caught in the pic. There was almost nowhere to stand. Because like us, all of the other tourist were all tryna get a shot. Hahaha




The Tate Modern. I love going to museums and this was a definite must see. By the way, that street performer was amazing!




I actually really wanted to take this shot towards St. Paul’s Cathedral as well because this is in almost every movie I watch that takes place in London.




On my way to get a ride on the London Eye. 🙂




The amazing and moving Big Ben and the House of Parliament




The Buckingham Palace. Sorry, no sight of Kate or William or even the Queen anywhere. hehehe




The National Gallery! Which I was unfortunately not allowed to take photos of inside. :-/




The British Museum. Now I was able to take photos of the inside. I’m not exactly sure if you want to see it, so if anyone does, just leave a comment and I will upload them in the next post.

As for the next post. I will be uploading some of the London original street fashion as well as some of the amazing food that I have gotten a chance to eat and experience.

Till then,