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Twenty Years From Now 03/08/2011

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That’s the recent inspiring quote that I found from the great Mark Twain. I’ve learned an amazing lesson from this that I will take with me everywhere I go. Disappointment will be  from the missed opportunities, just because I was too intimidated to do something and fail. Since we last spoke I have moved out of my old apartment, am currently still looking, but most importantly I finally got my first writing gig. I will actually be getting paid to write soon!!
The excitement of what’s to come is amazing! Sometimes a little overwhelming to think about, but amazing nonetheless. This is something that I have dreamed of doing and by God, now my journey begins. The gig is not on my usual topics, but is definitely something that I know I will enjoy talking about. There’s this thing I have for looking back at where people came from and how they climbed the ladder of success. To me that is way more vital of an information than what they are doing now, because they have made it now and are basking in their success. I want to know the blood sweat and tear years that got them here.
So the new mission if you could not tell, is do well with the new writing gig and continue to improve with being my own publicist. The focus of the writing that I will be doing pertains to Entrepreneurs. This is something I believe many can relate to. Even those who have never taken interest in business can admire and learn from their work ethic. Not to mention, studying an entrepreneur can teach you about versatility and adaptability. Which can be effective in any work environment and even life.
Entrepreneurs in my opinion are true hustlers. Theses amazing individuals have an intense determination that allows little room for wasting time. To entrepreneurs every minute counts. Every second is an opportunity that can help them expand their empire. The real entrepreneurs, the ones who are successful or climbing the ladder of success, are efficient multitaskers. Constantly juggling jobs, franchises, new ideas, and people interaction(which we all know is a job on its own).
Long story short, I plan on embodying some of that Entrepreneur Spirit. I intend to get highly influenced by the very same ‘hustlers’ I will be studying. Let their will power infect me like a contagious flu and encourage me to keep striving for more. Like the quote by Mark Twain, I will ‘Sail away from my safe harbour’. Besides, where has that safe harbour gotten me? Exactly! It was not until I started taking risk that my life started changing and becoming something worth writing about. So my wish is that you do the same, take a few risk. Not like gambling your entire savings on a bet risk, but following your dreams kind of risk. Telling the person you’ve always secretly loved, that you love them type of risk. Actually pursuing your passion type of risk!
Stay Risky,

Tastey Travels… 26/06/2011

I love food!! Not like that sneaking away and gorging on an unhealthy amount of food, but the savoring and always looking forward to trying something new type of love. I am not some great foodie, but definitely consider myself a true lover of it. So on a recent outing, mates and I went to our favourite Thai food restaurant called Sala Thai. Now it is not the most fanciest of places, but what it lacks in that it makes up for in ambiance and

That’s when I got to thinking. Why not share with you some of the food that I have tried? I really believe people should go out of their norm and try things that they never have before. And since food is the least riskiest of things to do, why not?? On the plus side it also opens your eyes up to new experiences and cultures. Which could lead to all sorts of possibilities. You gotta love possibilities! 🙂

So here are just a few that I have experienced within the past month. Some including when I was in London, which has some of the most eclectic and amazing markets that I have come across in a while. The variety of food is enough to make your head spin. I felt like I was on the travel channel with Anthony Bourdain or Samantha Brown. Except without the film crew and with no real direction of where I was going. Now don’t get  me wrong, I did have a map and know the basics of each of my destinations, but I prefer to just wander sometimes. You get a chance to discover new things that way. But keep in mind that SAFETY is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE!! Especially traveling around alone( and being a female).




Thai Rice



More Thai Rice



Mango Sticky Rice



Fried vegetable Egg Roll



Cooked Sushi in Sunday Up Market



More Sushi



I can not help but, be filled with excitement when I am around such an amazing variety of food.



Amazing Belgium Pastries.  Boy do they have a contagious sweet tooth! 😉



More Belgium Pastries from Spitalfields




The smell that came from all of these booths were absolutely intoxicating. It was as if they were carrying me away to the native countries in which they were wonderfully created. And I was so fortunate to be able to get a taste of their country. I am not quite sure if that makes any sense, but it’s all can imagine.



That was mini mental holiday for the week. Hope you enjoyed. And no worries, I am always in search of new places to eat so there will definitely be another amateur foodie adventure.
Till then,

Kayz 🙂


Just Came To Say Hello! 03/05/2011

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Hello indeed. I’m so very excited to be here as this is just one of my many missions and your more than welcome to be apart of it. Let me start by giving some insight as to what this blog will be about.

First of, I will be taking a few risks this year. Now to some people these risks may be minor, but from the perspective of a person alway living vicariously through books and others, this is a very BIG deal. Now I clearly have not just started doing this in the middle of the year, but have finally decided to cross off another risk by actually blogging it to the world. That’s where you and WordPress come in.

To catch you up a bit I have changed my major and decided to take a semester off of school. As well as I have finally gotten my passport and bought my first plane ticket to another country. I will be leaving to ‘said’ country the 10th of May and will divulge of that as well as my other missions in my next few blogs.

Feel free to comment and don’t be shy about your opinions.

Dos Besos,