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Check-In 27/07/2011

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Hope you all are doing well and staying motivated. So I have been on a serious grind trying to get my writing out there, getting registered for all of my classes, and finishing up some last-minute projects.

So here’s the quick update. I have started a new blog solely for reviews, fashion, and anything that appeals to my creative side. Do not fear though, for this will continue to be my more personal blog. I still have my missions to fulfill and dreams to be accomplished.

Not mention I just realized how much more I need to learn about promotions. Like, it’s one thing to just blog and write, but there is a whole other side to it called Marketing. Of course I should have known that nowadays everything is about promoting your name/brand and getting it out there.  So what better way to do that than through various forms of social media. You know, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and so on.

Well, that brings me to my next mission… Learning to be my own publicists. Pretty much learn how to promote myself which will help me with getting more writing/blogging gigs. So far I have done a few an am quite thankful for those opportunities, but they are not exactly pouring in. So back to the grind I go…


Stay Motivated,